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About Our Namesake

Tradition & Excellence

Toshi Shinmura Sensei was born and raised in Kakegawa, Japan. As a teenager, he was drawn to martial arts, earning a black belt in karate through the Kakegawa Karate Club, and a black belt in judo through the Seidokan Judo Club in Yaizu. He came to favour judo because of the defensive, rather than offensive, nature of its techniques; and he maintained a strong bond with his judo instructor, Tadashi Fukumura, who was a highly-respected leader in the judo community, and champion of Central Japan in competition. Fukumura Sensei’s influence, coupled with the consequences of opportunities afforded Toshi through Judo Saskatchewan, inspired a life-long passion for judo.

Shortly after Toshi immigrated to Canada in the 1970’s, City of Regina Parks &  Recreation
requested that he start his own dojo. His Seidokan Judo Club was very successful, and he ran it until 1998. At that time he became head coach at the Regina YMCA Judo Club, and held that position until 2016. He also provided mentorship to the coaches who established the Avonhurst Judo Club in 2000; and he coached there for several years.
In his early years with Judo Saskatchewan, he was a competitive athlete, becoming Senior
Provincial Champion from 1978 to 1982, as he continued to earn promotions. He is a Certified National A Referee, an NCCP Level 2 Certified Coach, and has held the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) since 2012.


During Toshi’s judo career, he was Chair of the Judo Saskatchewan Officials Development
Committee for ten years, working to recruit and develop referees in the sport. He was also a member of the Judo Saskatchewan Grading Board for twelve years. His technical superiority and knowledge of the Japanese sport made him invaluable to this committee, whose responsibility is the promotion of all black belt rankings in the province. He has also conducted judo clinics and self-defence sessions for the Regina City Police, the RCMP, and out-of-province judo clubs.


Toshi’s ability to recognize potential in young athletes and help them achieve their goals is
unmatched in Saskatchewan. He has developed countless national and international level
competitors and medalists. Many of the judoka under his training have gone on to have
successful athletic careers as coaches and referees in clubs across the country.
In 2016 Toshi was recognized by Judo Saskatchewan for his efforts in the betterment of judo in Saskatchewan by making him the first recipient of the “Award for Long Term Dedication to Judo in Saskatchewan”.


Advancing age and health issues have somewhat limited Toshi’s physical activity, but he wishes to continue sharing his expertise on the mats as long as he can; and he hopes that Shinmura Judo will bring new generations of judoka into the arena of great sports/life experiences.

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