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Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the uniform used for practice & competition

Judo Tackle


Each student must purchase a Judo uniform or “judogi”. Due to the stress put on the judogi from the throwing and grappling techniques in Judo, the uniform is typically heavier than the uniform for many other martial arts.


Judogis may be purchased at a discounted rate through the club.  Prices will range in price depending on size and quality.


Athletes, competing in U14 and older, require both a blue & white judogi for competition at provincial, national & international competitions.


Over time, depending on the number of classes attended per week, students may wish to purchase two or more judogis to ensure that they can always arrive at class with a clean, presentable judogi. 


We get wholesale pricing & pass the savings on to our members. Our main suppliers include: 


If you are looking for a judogi that isn't available on the registration page, talk to your sensei.


Used judogis will be available for purchase at the club (limited availability). Prices starting at $30!


Email for availability.

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