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Our Story

Shinmura Judo est. 2023 (formerly Avonhurst Judo Club) is excited to share our story!

What's in a name?

Toshi Shinmura has been building knowledge, understanding and love for the sport of judo in Regina since he immigrated from Japan. Many of his students now live throughout Canada but will always consider Regina their roots in the sport of judo.  

Shinmura Sensei's traditional Japanese judo technique, combined with his continuous efforts over the years have built and sustained thriving judo clubs, contributed to the development of countless athletes, and have helped to shape the face of judo in Saskatchewan.

To show our utmost respect for his immense dedication to the sport, Shinmura Sensei  accepted our request to rename the club in his honor!

FULL Biography of Shinmura Sensei
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